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Honestly once you begin thinking of your content creation as a must have and crossed it off the to do list, you’re golden.  But how many “Top Ten Ways…” posts can we as audience members really stomach? You are going to have content that moves your audience and in this post I’ll show you how to do exactly that.  Here’s a hint…. it’s all about the power of emotion.

That’s Right.  Content that Get’s People’s Attention is Based on Emotions

How does it makes them feel?  Emotion my friends is what connects and sells. We as impulse buyers in stores, pick up that candy bar—not because we were planning on purchasing it, but because it sounded good at the time that we saw it. Think of how Snicker’s is marketing their candy bars right now with moods. They are playing on emotions to get you to buy.  Often, content is the same way. You want to aim for content that moves and will cause someone to click on your post.

In order to do that you are going to have to write something that stirs them to take action. This type of internal driver is usually linked to emotional response. For example, if someone is really excited about the warm weather he or she may read a summer related post. It could be freezing outside, but they enjoy thinking about the sunshine. One of the things that advertisers do is they try to predict what will be profitable in terms of attracting the moods of their audience. For instance, have you ever seen a Coca Cola commercial during the Superbowl, or a political ad around the time of an important election? These strategies are driving attention towards things that people will naturally be focused on anyway, to catch them in the right mood.

Deeper is better than more

Once you’ve found an enticing article topic, make sure that it’s something that will hook the reader and give them useful information. While it’s great to write about something that is popular, chances are unless you take unique approaches to a familiar topic, you aren’t going to get the depth that your readers are looking for. It’s always better to go for a little more depth, rather than a few vague posts. This will also help you to gauge the type of content that moves your audience really cares about.

Communication is Key

Another really useful tool that the Internet allows us to help move readers towards responsiveness is the use of comments. If we as content creators are conscious of our readers want, we are collecting their feedback every step of the way.  Sometimes it will happen on blogs but for many these days such as this site, the conversations happen in the social world.  Thus it’s a matter of knowing where your audience hangs out and being there.  Remember your focus is to creating lifelong raving fans so give them something to rave about wherever they hang out.

Know your Audience

The last piece of advice is to know your audience inside and out. When you know who you are speaking to, it usually makes the conversation so much better. But often websites tend to speak to a generic audience and trust me when I say, one size never fits all. The way to overcome this towards creating a better community, is through taking into account customer emails, comments, and expectations when drafting content. Use all of this information to tell a story that you feel would captivate your audience based on what you know about them.  Address their pain points in a way that resonates with them.  Act as if you’re sitting across the table from them having a real in depth conversation.  That’s what makes your audience react to your content.