• You’re a busy woman who wants a successful business without disrupting your family life.
  • You’re got a to do list a mile long and ready to streamline your life.
  • You know you are meant for GREATNESS but still trying to find your way.
  • You get sidetraced on all the little projects but you struggle to reach your big goals.
  • You want financial freedom, clarity and a lifestyle you love.
  • I know all of this about you because I was once in your shoes and I’m here to tell you can achieve it all with the right actions.


Hello I'm Kelli Law, Wife, Busy Mom, World Traveler, Personal Brand & Transformation Coach and Upcoming Author. My quest is help you become the best version of yourself so you can create a life and business you love. You can reach the goals you've been chasing with the right guide. Allow me to show you the way to living YOUR life on YOUR terms.

Let's Work Together

Just a few years ago, I started my entrepreneurial journey after spending countless years climbing the corporate ladder hustling for someone else. I was happy by typical standards as I was leading global teams to big wins but I was exhausted by the burnout. I decided I needed to change my lifestyle because the long hours I had to put in wasn’t fair to my family or me. So I chose the freelance life back in 2002 so I could work less hours with higher earnings and built a business around my lifestyle. I now can work anywhere anytime that I want because I learned what it really meant to work harder not smarter and do more in less time. With clear goals, a clear vision you can do more and that’s what I want to teach you because everyone should love what they do around the time they have. No 2 lifestyles are the same as I have busy family with 4 kids so my business has had to shift along with my growing family. I went from having a creative agency helping brands stand out to now providing more digital products that cover what I’ve learned over the course of 16 years in marketing to grow brands. I also offer consulting for high archievers who really want the one to one coaching experience. Your success will be determined by your actions and it will not be overnight. It takes time to transform yourself and your business for growth but if you're looking to put in the work, I am your best guide because I am my own success story. I spent a few years of trial and error trying to get where I finally wanted to be. Thankfully, my business today is driven by purpose. I know I'm doing my part to leave a dent in this world and making it a better place and I work with women who are passionate about doing the same.

Your purpose in life should not be simply to get by, but to thrive.

  I don’t mean only financially as there is so much more to life than just material gains. By streamlining your life, getting more done in less time, you really can have all that you want with the right actions.  

Professional Bio

  Kelli Law Kelli Law has served global brands in Marketing for 13 years (most of which were freelanced) during her professional career in corporate America. She has a Bachelors in Marketing. In the past 3 years she’s branched out to helping smaller brands with purpose rise-up because she loves helping the underdog. During her corporate career, she’s held every Marketing position under the sun from leading global marketing programs, customer relationship marketing and global account management. Developed segmentation strategies for targeted communications and evaluated effectiveness of all marketing initiatives.  Specialized in email marketing and creating compelling content that builds brands. Overcoming burnout after years in the corporate world, Kelli has become a leading force in putting yourself first before serving others and doing more in less time. Literally she’s a superninja with some serious time management skills. She advocates the importance of putting your life in the right balance family first and then business. She is passionate about traveling the world with family in tow, creating brands built to last, and helping women create a life they love.  You only get once chance in this life and she believes in helping YOU make it count.

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